Termite Inspection

Termites can be the demise of a building.

Don’t let your home fall to ruin when you can simply book a termite inspection that could save you thousands in preventable damages. Our professional pest inspectors know all the signs of termites in NSW and SA, whether new or old.

Pest Inspect Australia will help protect your home from termite infestation. Our inspectors will be able to provide you with a termite treatment that will suit your personal situation.

Pest Inspect Australia deals with termites in Adelaide and Newcastle. Give us a call to talk with our friendly staff and book an inspection today.

About Termites

termite queen in australia

Termites in Australia

Termites in Australia are also commonly reffered to as 'white ants'. They are an insect that uses mud and wood to create nests and tunnels. Termites thrive in humid and warm environments, allowing them to stay hydrated. Left in a dry environment, termites will not survive. They also avoid sunlight by patching gaps in their tunnels with mud.

Termites can build iconic mounds of mud as their nests, or live in trees and buildings. They use the wood from trees and buildings as food.

Termites have an increidble social structure that provides different types of termites with specific roles to fill. There are queen, king, worker, reproductive and warrior termites.

Warrior termites can be distinguished by their large head and mandibles, and reproductive termites have large wings and fly in swarms. Often you can find their shed wings on the ground.

Find out more about termite varieties here.

termite damage

How To Spot Termite Damage

Costal areas in Australia are at high risk of termite infestation due to the humid environment. Termites can destroy the internal frames of wooden buildings, creating a dangerous living environment and causing costly damage.

Often, termites will be hard to spot as they keep their tunnels hidden inside the wood, and leave the outised intact, patching up any holes with mud.

Visible signs of termites can include patches of mud in wood, wooden frames such as doorframes that break upon light contact and crumble, and tiny, pale brown fecal pellets on the ground near wood.

how to spot termite damage

Termite Inspections And Control In Australia

Termite colonies can grow rapidly, so it is important that you get rid of them as soon as possible.

Our licenced inspectors and controllers identify termite infestations using a variety of methods, and can uncover termites where there is no visible sign of them yet.

After the inspection our inspectors will be able to provide a solution which they can implement.

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termite mound australia

A termite mound in Australia.

termite inspection australia

Termite inspection taking place.

termite pest control

Signs of termite damage.