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Do you have lots of spiders in your home or business? Worrying about the day when one will drop on your bed at night, or on your head as you work?

Don’t let spiders hold you back from feeling safe. We can help get spider infestations under control. At Pest Inspect Australia, our professional and licenced pest inspectors thoroughly inspect your home and provide you with a solution based on your personal situation. Whether it is white tip spiders or black widows, we have a solution for you.

We provide spider pest control in Adelaide and Newcastle.

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About Spiders

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Spiders In Australia

When people mention poisonous creatures and Australia in one sentence, spiders usually come to mind. Spider bites, while vary rarely deadly, most often result in a lot of pain and swelling around the area. Some people can have anaphylactic reactions to bites, and people with health conditions are more at risk.

Redback Spiders

One of the most iconic Australian spiders is the Redback Spider. The female is large and black, with an hourglass red shape on its belly and a thick red stripe down it's back. The male is a lot smaller and has a cream and brown striped body with a dark brown head. Often found around the garden, in sheds and around metal equipment in the shade.


Common in the Adelaide area, the White-Tailed spider is a ground-hunter and roams about at night. They are black with a white point on their rear and have long legs. The juveniles have white stripes and spots over their bodies. They can breed incredibly quickly as the seasons get warmer and cause problems in homes and offices. Their bites can be painful and create a lot of red swelling and a sometimes leave a small scar.

Sydney Funnel Web

One of the most venomous spiders in the world, the Sydney Funnel Web lives in a large radius around Sydney, extending to Newcastle. They usually dwell in small burrows with a layer of web. They are a dark brown black colour, have large fangs and are roughly 1.5-3.5cm long. Sydney Funnel Webs have an aggressive nature, and their poison is highly toxic to humans.


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How To Tell If You Have A Spider Infestation

We all know the frantic feeling as you brush all over your head and neck after casually strolling through a garden and being rudely assaulted by a well-placed Orb Weaver web.

Depending on the spider, there are various signs. Most spiders will be seen visibly, such as the White-Tailed spider. Often, in peak breeding periods, you will see lots of baby spiders running around.


Other signs can be significant amounts of web in areas such as the garden or sheds. Redback spiders will have a very dirty looking web that has no distinct pattern or shape, and have a grey, steel sheen.


Small holes in the ground with web around them are a tell-tale sign of funnel webs, which can be found around the east coast of Australia such as Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane and some species around Adelaide.


Spider eggs can also be a good indicator, and are often found around webs of certain species, most notably the Redback Spider. Reference the top left image.

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Pest Control For Spiders In Australia

A lot of spiders can pose a threat to children, animals and vulnerable people, while spiders like the Sydney Funnel Web are dangerous to everyone.

Spider infestations can quickly get out of control. Some species of spiders can lay hundreds of eggs at once. This family in Newcastle had a Redback problem that made their backyard an unpleasant and dangerous place for kids and animals to be.

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Hunting spiders like White Tails like to hide in cool, dark places during the day.

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Most spider bites just cause local swelling and pain, while some require antivenom.

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A funnel web spider in it's burrow, ready to pounce on prey.