Possum Removals

If you have been hearing scratching noises in your roof at night, you probably have a possum living inside.

Possums find gaps in your roof cavity and build a nest inside your roof, leaving droppings in there too.

Call our friendly staff today and get an inspection to relocate your new housemate to somewhere more appropriate. Pest Inspect Australia provides possum removal in Adelaide, Newcastle and their surrounding areas.

About Possums

Australian possum in backyard

Possums In Australia

Possums are native marsupials that live in trees or rocky crevices. There are 27 types of possums in Australia, some of which can glide between trees using thin membranes of skin between their legs and arms.

Common Brushtail Possum

This possum, as you can probaly tell by it's name, is the most common possum found around Australia in urban areas and suburbs.

Most possum removals will be Common Brushtails as they will make homes in houses due to removal of trees and bush in the area.

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person cant sleep because of possum scratching in roof

Signs Of Possums

Sleepless nights, barking dogs and distinct smells. The joys of a possum in your roof.

While possums are rather cute creatures, they make night time an unpleasant experience if they are camping it out in your roof.

Signs of possums include scratching and banging at night and the occasional hissing noises. No, it's not a banshee or ghost.

Stains in the ceiling with strong smells similar to ammonia may also be present, which is a result of urination.

Scats will be present around the house too, which are cylndrical, light brown/green and about an inch long.

sealing roof from possums

Possum Inspections And Removal

Possums are crafty creatures that can find the smallest gaps in a roof and slip through, claiming it as their home.

They can make life frustrating and also cause potential health problems as well as damage to your roof.

These creatures are native marsupials and are protected, so removal and relocation is the appropriate and legal way to deal with them.

While it may be tempting to try yourself, possums will fight back if they are cornered and cannot run away, and can cause some nasty damage. Since they are protected, it is illegal to catch and rehome them without a licence.

Call us today to book an inspection and allow our qualified pest inspectors to remove your possum in a safe and effective manner that leaves both parties happy.

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possum in Newcastle backyard

Possums can often be found living in suburban and urban areas

possum catcher in backyard

Possums prefer large, old trees that have hollows as homes

possum removal in adelaide

Possums are protected as they are native species