Pigeon Pest Control

Yes, pigeon poo can give you diseases if inhaled through dust particles or water droplets.

Pigeon poo is often disturbed by sweeping, causing it to turn into a dust that can easily be breathed in. This is a common occurrence in barns, sheds and warehouses and can be a serious health issue. Our professional pest inspectors will review your location and provide pigeon removal solutions based on your circumstances.

It is important to deal with your pigeon pest problem today.

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About Pigeons

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Pigeons In Australia

While we do have native pigeons in Australia, it is very easy to spot feral pigeons. As pictured above, they have an iridescent band around their neck, are black or grey in colour with a pale rear area.

These pigeon were introduce from Europe and have settled quite easily into the urban areas of Australia, becoming a common sight and a regular pest.

Nesting Habits

Pigeons will only have one partner at a time, and may have up to 12 eggs each year.

When looking for a site, pigeons look for good shelter for their nests, generally in high places.

They also nest near sources of food and water. Feral pigeons are not fussy eaters and are often seen picking scraps from bins.

Have a look at the different introduced and native species of pigeons in Australia.



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Signs Of Pigeon Infestation

Flocks of pigeons leave large amounts of droppings where they roost or sit during the day. They like to find one spot and may spend the rest of their life near that area, so the droppings can build up to incredible levels.

You may experience pigeon droppings covering your car, or near corners of warehouses and homes.

Nests can also be identified in high or hard to reach areas around or inside buildings. Pigeons can also make nests in roof cavities if there are sufficient gaps.

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Pigeon Inspections And Extermination

Pigeon pest issues can be frustrating and dangerous for health. They can introduce fleas, mites and rats to the area, and their droppings can have corrosive effects.

Don't let the people in your home or business continue to suffer from the effects of a pigeon infestation. Our qualified pest inspectors can help you today.

The longer you leave pigeons, the harder they are to remove.

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Pigeons can leave unsightly and corrosive droppings on cars.

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Feral pigeons spread disease, mites and fleas through their habits.

pigeon poo on roof

Pigeons nest in hard to reach places.