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Why leave anything to chance when giving a new or old property a check? Have a licensed and professional pest inspector thoroughly check your house and recommend treatment types for uncovered pests. We provide pest inspection services in Adelaide and Newcastle. Book your inspection today!

Pest Control

At Pest Inspect Australia, we are proud to be leader in the pest inspection and control industry in Australia.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business, we can provide professional pest inspection services.

Our experienced pest control experts offer services for all pest types.

We work with you to provide reliable and quality pest treatment and pest prevention programs.

We are industry leaders with competitive pricing, friendly customer service and professional, qualified inspectors.

Pest Control For Termites

You might not know you have termites until it is too late.

Termites cause billions of damage each and every year.

It’s important to get a pest control termite inspection to check for any activity or damage.

Feel confident nothing will be missed when you book with one of our professional pest inspectors. We provide termite inspections in Adelaide and termite inspections in Newcastle.


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Pest Control For Rodents

Rodents carry disease and can cause house fires.

Finding evidence of rodents but can't actually see the rodents? It is important to take action as rodents can cause unseen harm.

Not only do they carry diseases, they also cause damage to your home. Rodents have to continually gnaw on their teeth to keep them from growing too long. They will gnaw on utilities such as your water pipes, plaster, ducting for you heater and air-conditioning, and electrical cables and conduits - possibly starting a fire.

Pest Inspect Australia provides rodent control in Adelaide and rodent control in Newcastle.


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Pest Control For Spiders

Spiders can be deadly.

With Australia known for its abundance of highly poisonous creatures, it it not worth taking chances.

Certain spider bites can be fatal to children or pets, so it is important that you take care of them and deal with them effectively.

Our professional pest inspectors in Adelaide and Newcastle deal with spiders in a safe manner that does not harm the local ecosystem. Make sure your house is safe and book a spider pest control inspection today.


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Pest Control For Ants

Ants can become invasive in any home or business.

Ants cause problems when they search buildings for food or water, or when they construct nests in buildings and gardens. They're attracted to a wide variety of products, with some species prefer sweets, meats, fats or oils. They will also search indoors for water during dry periods.

Ants can be incredibly hard to get rid of on your own. Pest Inspect Australia specialise in finding solutions for ant removal in Adelaide and Newcastle.


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Pest Control For Cockroaches

Cockroaches leave droppings on you utensils and cutlery.

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found in homes and businesses. Cockroaches can contaminate food, utensils and other areas with cast skins, droppings, egg sacs, marks and unpleasant smells.

Often you will find them in and around your home, near plumbing such as storm water and sewage pipes. Because they live around these areas, they pick up and carry diseases such as salmonella and gastroenteritis.

At Pest Inspect Australia we specialise in cockroach pest control. Our professional pest inspectors use a specially formulated bait to control unwanted cockroaches within your home.


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Pest Control For Fleas

Flea bites can cause allergic reactions.

Fleas are a common household pest especially prevalent around pets. Flea bites to some people and pets can just be an irritation, but for others they may be allergic.

If you or your neighbors do have pets, it is wise to check for fleas. A flea problem can quickly develop into a major infestation starting from just one flea.

Our qualified pest inspectors provide fast and effective flea pest control services.


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