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Rodents cause 8% of house fires in Adelaide every year.

Don’t let your house become part of that statistic. Let our professional and licenced pest inspectors thoroughly check your house or property and find any rat or mouse pest control problem that you have. Our rodent pest control solutions are flexible so we can best suit your needs and location.

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About Rodents

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Rodents in Australia

There are a wide variety of native and invasive species of rodents in Australia. There are some key identifiers that separate the natives from invasive species.


For rats, it is their courage and eating habits. Native rats eat mostly foliage and roots, and will run away from humans, whereas black and brown rats (invasive) will not be too worried by humans and even sometimes eat out of people's hands. They will eat almost anything, and are often caught in the act of dumpster diving. Find out more about native vs invasive rats here.


Mice are possibly the most invasive and damaging pest in Australia. The common house mouse is native to parts of Asia, but have spread throughout the world. They can breed incredibly quickly, turning into a plague very quickly in the right conditions. There are a few other native rodents that may look similar, but like the native rats, feed on mostly plants, insects and even other mice. Find out more about native vs invasive mice here.

To identify if you have a native rodent or an invasive one, it is good to book a pest inspection to know for sure.

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How To Tell If You Have Rats or Mice

The common rodents that are pests and can cause destruction in homes and buildings are rats and mice.

Telltale signs are food scattered about in pieces like the picture above, wires, wood or other items with tiny chew marks.

Rats and mice also leave cylindrical brown droppings on areas that they have been sitting. These can carry diseases, so it is best to dispose of them in a hygenic manner.

Rats or mice also make noise when they are rumaging about in walls, cupboards or in rooms.

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Rat and Mice Inspections In Australia

Due to the unhygenic nature of invasive species of rodents, it is important to deal with them immediately.

Pest control for rats and mice can be quick and effective using the correct methods. At Pest Inspect Australia, our proffessional pest inspectors are experts at identifying rat and mice pests and providing an effecive solution.

Do not let these pets damage your home or business and threaten the health of those around you. Call our friendly pest inspectors today and book an inspection.

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Rats and mice can chew through electric cables.

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Dead mice can be a couldron of disease.

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Rats and mice can leave droppings where you eat.