Cockroach Pest Control

Cockroaches can spread diseases with their droppings, including salmonella and gastro.

Cockroaches breed quickly, and often hide in hard-to-get places inside and outside buildings.

Cockroach control is especially important for businesses. Don’t let your business fail health inspections or have clients and customers leave feeling disgusted.

Protect your home or business today against cockroach infestation by calling Pest Control Australia and getting one of our licenced pest control inspectors to inspect your property and provide cockroach control options.

About Cockroaches

German cockroach pest control

Cockroaches In Australia

Native and intorduced cockroaches can be found throughout Australia, in populated areas and in the bush. Invasive cockroaches are scavengers that are happy to eat just about anything. Because of this, urban developments are the perfect places for cockroaches to breed.

A female cockroach can lay up to 1,200 eggs in her life, making cockroaches hard to control without professional intervention.

These insects are especially quick, and hide in dark crevices and underneath things, making them hard to locate. They often come out at night to feed, but can sometimes be seen during the day.

In Australia, the most common types of cockroach are the German Cockroach, American Cockroach and Oriental Cockroach.

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Do I Have Cockroaches in my house?

Cockroaches leave lots of droppings behind that are small and dark in colour. They can often look like smeared dark patches or long, dry droppings. They will leave these droppings near where they eat and live.

Cockroach eggs are also a good telltale sign. Most cockroaches lay eggs that look like a small brown to black cylinder with rings around it, measuring froughly between 3-6mm in length.

Another telltale sign of cockroach infestation is paper or food that looks like it has been nibbled. Generally you will be able to see droppings around the area too.



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Cockroach Pest Control Australia

Because of the ability to reproduce so quickly, it is incredibly important to tackle cockroaches as soon as possible. They can also pose health risks as they often eat from garbage and can leave droppings on food, plates, cutlery and kitchen surfaces.

Our licenced and qualified pest inspectors will thoroughly scour your premise for cockroaches and will be able to provide you with the most appropriate solution depending on your situation.

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what a cockroach egg looks like

A cockroach egg.

cockroach pest control australia

Hatched cockroach babies.

cockroach hiding spots

Cockroaches like hiding in cool, dark places.