Bee & Wasp Removal

Bee or wasp nests near a home can really put a hold on the fun.

It's a Saturday afternoon, you have family and friends over for a BBQ. Everything is going well until someone leaves a half-eaten snag out. The European Wasps start to arrive, forcing everyone to retreat inside, save the for the one hero who stays outside with a thong in hand, swinging with precision and purpose.

While bees and wasps play and important role in our environment, they can sometimes create a disturbance to life that can be potentially dangerous to people nearby. If you have any trouble with bees or wasps at your home or business, it is important to take action sooner rather than later.

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About Wasps & Bees

European Wasp Removal in South Australia

Wasps In Australia

There are a wide range of native wasps in Australia, and a few varieties of introduced wasps. Introduced species like the European Wasp (pictured above) are far more aggressive than native species. Introduced species are considered a threat to native species and are a pest.

Wasps feed their young larvae on other insects, but as they mature, most only actually eat pollen from flowers!

Australia's large variety of native wasps play an important role in pollinating native plants and keeping insect levels under control.

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Bees In Australia

Bees are a flying insect that collect pollen from flowers to feed their young, and create honey through gathering the nectar of plants.

In Australia we have a variety of different native and non-native species of bees that play different roles.

Bees are essential to our native environment and man-made agriculture - most of the food we eat (including fruits, vegetables, grains and livestock) is supported by bee pollination.

Bee numbers are declining around the world due to pesticides, land clearing and human intervention (Ironically all related to agriculture). This poses an interesting and quite serious question about global food supply.

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bees making nest in Australian house

Wasp Nesting Habits

Each species of wasp have different nesting habits. The most common to see around your home are usually Mud Dauber Wasp nests - small cells and cocoons made of mud, Paper Wasp nests - hexagonal grids made of a papery substance and hanging off a thin stick, and European Wasp nests which are most often holes in the ground.

Bee Nesting Habits

Bees nest in 'hives' which are made of wax and form the classic 'honeycomb' appearance with cells of honey and larvae. Bee nests are often built around tree trunks, branches or in tree hollows.

Bees are creatures of opportunity and if they deem the wall or cavity of a house to be a good spot to put a nest, they will move in. A clear early indicator is a swarm of bees congregating in one spot on a surface.

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Wasp Extermination

The most common wasps to cause issues are European Wasps due to their aggressive nature and tendency to live in large hives.

There are several effective methods to remove wasps around homes or businesses depending on the type of wasp and location of the nest.

Sometimes wasps will have a nest that is away from a home or building, in a nearby parkland.

Bee Removal

While bees can be daunting in groups, they are most often harmless and will go about their day ignoring you. It is important that you do not try to kill a colony of bees yourself - a pest inspector must be able to determine an appropriate course of action which could involve moving the bees on or exterminating them in a planned manner.

If bees have made their hive in a wall cavity, killing them without proper preparation or knowledge can result in a number of consequences detrimental to the integrity of the home. One of these consequences is unattended honey seeping into the walls and damaging their integrity.

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Mud wasp nest on blue plant pot

A mud wasp nest. They are often found high off the ground.

paper wasps making a nest

A group of paper wasps around their nest.

European wasp nest in the ground in South Australia

A large European Wasp nest in the ground. Nests can span meters.