Ant Pest Control

Ants invading your home or office can be frustrating and may take days or weeks to resolve if left unchecked.

Ant pest control can be applied quickly and efficiently if you book a licenced inspector from Pest Inspect Australia. Our licenced professional pest inspectors can quickly determine how the ants are entering the premise, provide and implement solutions fast. If you have ants around the house that are causing issues, get our pest inspectors out to implement best course of action to solve your ant infestation.

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About Ants In Australia

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Ants in Australia

Australia has a wide variety of native and invasive ants. Ants live in structured colonies, and usually have specific roles.

Most ants use either their mandibles or stingers to defend themselves or attack their prey, and can leave a nasty, painful welt on humans. Some species like the Bull Ant, or Inch Ant, can cause excruciating pain.

Black Ants

Black Ants are probably what come to mind when you first think of ants. They are very small, between 3-5mm long and live in large colonies generally up to 7,000 ants. They will often scavange for food and water in houses, and can be quite crafty when looking for a way in.

Bullants or Inch Ants

Giant bull ants are native to Australia and have the biggest class of worker ant in the world, growing up to 40mm long. They are an aggressive species that will swarm and attack when their nest is disturbed, and will often hold their ground or move to attack when approached by another creature.

Other Common Ants in Australia

Common ant types found in Australia are the Black Ant, Argentinian Ant, Fire Ant and Giant Bull Ant.


ant nests in backyard

How To Tell If You An Ant Infestation

The feeling you get when you come home to see a stream of ants going into your cupboard is not a pleasant one. Infestations are generally noticed when large swarms or streams of ants are spotted either in a building or outside.


The streams of ants going into your house to eat the leftovers from the BBQ gathering last night are generally worker ants.

They will find gaps in your cornices and brickwork to enter your home and search for food and water.


Nests are a classic telltale sign of ants. Nests can be in soil and look like the one above or be under things such as wood or foundations. Often, you will be able to find nests by following and columns back to them.

Ants in house australia

Ant Removal In Australia

Ants can be a real pest when they begin to build large colonies in backyards or start foraging in houses.

If they are not dealt with quickly, some species can multiply incredibly quickly, as they have multiple queens and colonies in one area.

If you are suffering an ant infestation, call us today and book an inspection where our staff will be able to provide you with the best course of action, and depending on the situation and items required, take action on the day.

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Giant Bullants tend to make nests under fallen wood or under rocks.

ant infestation

Some species of ants can multiply incredibly quickly as they have multiple queens.

ant colony removal

Ants can make their colonies in hard-to-get spaces such as under brickwork or under foundations.